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Spirit Series

Japanese technology delivers a perfect balance of sensitivity and power in the Spirit series.   The blanks utilise Japanese IM8 pre-peg carbon cloth and are fitted with our CIGX Custom Incremental Geared wind down reel seats that are designed to prevent over tightening,  and keep your reel in place all day. Top quality,  low profile stainless steel guides with SiC inserts finish off a top class rod series. This rod offers stunning cosmetics to complement a highly sensitive medium-fast action rod which changes colour hues and sparkles in the sunlight.  Spirit is a truly beautiful rod not only to look at,  but also to fish with. Spirit is a great choice for experience kayak anglers,  as the medium-fast taper makes it less vulnerable to breakages due to “high sticking”  (taking the rod past 45% whilst under load) – a practice many anglers find hard to avoid from a seated fishing position.

New models! 

1-3kg Spin,  and 2 Baitcaster models now available.

Spritz colour chart