Spritz Hero Pic

Shrimp Jig

 One of the most frequently eaten bait profiles is now available in a jig!

Ready to fish out of the box, pre-rigged with twin assist hooks, Shrimp Jig is a deadly presentation for a multitude of species.    After all, what fish doesn’t eat a prawn?

E.g. Mulloway, Snapper, Kingfish, Flathead, Cod, Bass, Golden Perch and more!

Rigging options are endless!  However, you’ll do just as well tying to the head, and dropping it.
Use slow lifts, dead stick it or whip it – it all works!

16g,  33g,  and 74g offerings means you’ve got varied depth and current speeds covered.  Sporting 6 colours including GLOW and UV.

Spritz colour chart