Reaper 130

Straight through, one piece wire, plus upgraded hooks. Reaper is built strong!

UV colours and solid rattle make an easy target for predatory fish.

With a deadly tail shake and body roll, Reaper provides the perfect bait fish imitation for Barra, Mangrove Jack, Flathead, Mackerel, Tailor and other Pelagic species.

A perfect opponent for tough adversaries.

Featuring a Magnetic Cast system for distance. During the cast, steel balls shift to the back of the lure to send it flying. On the retrieve, a magnet in the belly of the lure draws the balls back to the centre of the lure to give it a perfectly balanced action.  Plenty of weight and buoyancy – especially good for targeting Jew off the stones.

Cast and slow roll it, twitch it, or troll it. Rip it past structure where ambush predators like Jacks and Barra wait.

Trolling with the current will achieve deeper running depths.

ALSO AVAILABLE IN 110cm (in different colours)


 Type:                     Crankbait/Jerkbait

Length:                 130mm

Weight:                 38 grams

Depth:                   5 metres trolling depth

Features:             One piece wire. Upgraded hooks & rings. Magnetic Long Cast. Floating. Rattle. UV paint