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Banana Boat 68

banana boat suzanne

Now available in two sizes – 68mm for finesse presentations, or 87mm for when a larger and louder presentation is required. Match the hatch!
Banana Boat’s erratic, unpredictable action covers surface/subsurface water where actively feeding fish hunt.

Retrieve with your rod tip down using short, sharp twitches to make the lure to dive and suspend. Continue with short pauses to create a “walk the dog” action at the subsurface level. Longer pauses between twitches will see the lure rise to the surface like a failing bait fish. Keeping your rod tip up whilst continuing a twitch -pause retrieve will make the lure to dance across the surface and scream “EAT ME!”

Deadly on Bream, Bass and many other fresh and saltwater species.



Surface / Sub Surface 
Length: 68mm
Weight: 3.5g


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