Austackle joined forces with Charlton’s Fishing and radio station River 949FM to instigate a Great Fish Off between 949 announcers Paul “Campo” Campion and Graham “Snowy” Snow.

The eagerly awaited event took place at QlD’s Maroon Dam on Saturday 23rd April 2016.


Firstly…travel back to November, where the idea for the fishing challenge was first hatched. Learn about the back story here:

With Breakfast Show Co-Host Marnie out on Maternity leave, Snowy jumped at the chance to join in on the fun. So began the banter between Campo and Snowy. It quickly escalated…WHO would be the better angler: Campo, or Snowy?


Campo and Snowy each recruited 2 River 949 listeners each to their respective Teams. Austackle supplied 4 boats and skippers along with all the fishing tackle and lures needed for the day, including “Campo” CAMOSTIKS and Marnie dedicated SPIRIT Rods.  In order to keep a level playing field, each team was kitted out with exactly the same type of lures.
The pre-comp banter marked a day of comedic rivalry, and as anticipated, all hilarity ensued!

Each contestant walked away with close to $1000 of Austackle gear, and Snowy and Campo fought it out for the Special Edition Gold Camostik Pro/M2500 Combo along with the highly coveted FIRST PLACE and bragging rights for the title of Champ!
Second Place would receive a Special Edition Silver CamoStik Pro/Verto Combo as runner up.

Watch the event video and see final result here…


Lures that produced on the day were:
Chugga, Sakana SD 40,  Sakana XD 40,  Gizmo Crustacean,  Deep Trix Jig Heads and Tuffies Soft Plastics,  Sugar Gliders,  Shimmer Stik
Most of the fish came from weed edges early in the morning, and in between the weed patches as the sun rose, moving to deeper weed beds later in the day.

Thanks to River 949, The Austackle Team, Charlton’s Fishing and all the Contestants for making it a great event!

You can view the entire Austackle range on this website, and ask to see the Austackle gear at stockist Charlton’s Fishing where you can get expert advice from the local gurus!

Big Snowy Birdsnest Campo 3 Hard Cranking Craig Sandra Bass 2IMG_0939 Four Prizewinners 2 Sandra Bass