Austackle is pumped to announce the release of a range of exciting new products that launched at the AFTA trade show!


New gear includes but is not limited to: An expanded rod range including a Matrix Paracurve Jig Rod rated PE 1-3 with Fuji Guides; more reels in bigger sizes; Deep Trix Jig heads in both painted and unpainted varieties; the exciting Gizmo Crustacean Heavy Duty model… and more!!!!


If you’re browsing through the austackle website, you may notice a few teasers for the new products. We will be updating the site over the next week, so stay tuned for more information (and product videos) as we complete the updates.
Not all retailers make it to the AFTA Trade Show, so if there’s something you see here that’s not in your local store, ask your retailer for Austackle.


Here are a few pics to whet your appetite…

Afta Trade Show stand

Reels and Rods

Deep Trix Jig Heads and Vexa VibrDeep Trix Painted heads and Tuffies Plastics

Gizmo HD Spinnerbait

Gizmo HD Crustacean Redback GoldAfta stand Lures and Lines

Gizmo HD Crustacean Purple SIlver Crackle

Sublimated Shirts