Gizmo Crustacean HD

Big Fish Edition

It’s no secret that big predatory fish are attracted to the flash and vibration of Colorado Blades.


It’s a proven formula!

Gizmo HD is build on a solid Mustad hook, perfect for targeting big brute like Snapper, Kingfish, Cobia, Mulloway, Monster Flathead, Murray Cod, Barramundi and more.


Suggested Retrieves:

The options are multiple and plenty!  Cast and retrieve it; slowly roll it; crawl it through structure and more.  Use it as you would a jig or bait;  Look for signs of fish activity on the sounder, then drop GIZMO HD and let it sink through the bait schools and fish.  Lift and drop the lure in the water column and wait to get hit!


Rigging Options:

  • Wire arms are flexible and adjustable – bend them and tune as required.
  • Adding an optional soft plastic to the tail increases the presence of the lure in both size and vibration, plus creating more drag to lift the lure and slow the rate of fall. E.g. Try Austackle’s Tuffies: Paddleworm 100mm, or Whiptail Grub 85 for a deadly combination.