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Crash Crank


  • Straight through,  one piece internal wire
  • Upgraded VMC hooks and rings
  • Easy casting crank-bait with a fast,  steep dive
  • UV features

The painted bib increases the profile of your lure while keeping it at a manageable size,  without the need for heavier rods.

Cast with ease,  or troll.  The large bib and buoyant body makes Crash Crank easy to work through snags and into the face of fish.

For Murray Cod,  Barramundi,  Mulloway,  Estuary Cod,  Golden Perch,  Mangrove Jack and more.

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Floating Crankbait

Length:        74mm & 44mm Painted Bib

Weight:        35g

Depth:          7 metres


Spritz colour chart