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Joey and Skippy


Walk the Dog and catch fish! That famous topwater retrieve style is easily achieved with Joey, and the upsized Skippy.

Modeled to cast further, quickly pivot and splash with minimal effort. You’ll be Walking the Dog, and fish will be pulling line!

Tips for Walking the Dog:

Twitch the rod with short, sharp movements, allowing a pause between twitches. Keep a little slack in the line while you twitch – this will help the lure pivot in a zig-zag motion as you work the lure back to you.  Hang on!
Perfectly suited to Bream, Bass, Whiting and many other fresh and saltwater species.


Joey:                                                           Skippy:

Surface Walker                                      Surface Walker
Length: 60mm                                        Length: 85mm
Weight: 3.9g                                            Weight: 5g

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