Sakana XD34

Smaller brother to the ABT winning Sakana XD40F, with a Magnetic Long Cast to give you the casting distances you dream of. Diving to a surprising 2+ meters, Sakana XD34 (Extra Deep) gets to where you need it to be – banging the bottom, causing a disturbance that fish can’t ignore. The tail shake is fat, and remains steady at both super slow and fast speed retrieves.  Sakana XD34F is the staple crankbait you need in your collection. Cast it, commence a slow, steady retrieve, and be ready! Perfect or Bream and Bass, along with a host of fresh and saltwater species.

Sakana XD40

The Classic crankbait.  Sporting the same stable action and fat tail shake as the smaller version Sakana XD34F, but diving deeper to 3 metres. Perfect for when you want to reach fish sitting a deeper in the water column, or when you need a larger presentation to entice the bigger fish.  Also featuring a magnetic casting system. Perfect for Bream, Bass, Trout and many more fresh and saltwater species.