Fishy Thing 85mm

Austackle TUFFIES are manufactured using a special formula which makes them buoyant,  stretchy & almost indestructible.  TUFFIES stand up to the rigours of hooking toothy critters better than regular plastics.  Leatherjackets,  Pike & Flathead – even Tailor are no match. If it’s resilience and longevity you’re after,  TUFFIES will fit your need.  Suppleness is not compromised – TUFFIES are soft & flexible,  making sure of an exaggerated tail action that’s guaranteed to appeal.

Available in individual colours,  or a multi-coloured pack

Also available:     

Paddleworm 65mm & 100mm     

Whiptail Grub 65mm & 85mm

Ringtail Minnow 65mm & 95mm 

    Tuffies fishy thing group2 med jpg Tuffies-fish-scented jpg